Why Use an Editor?

Have you ever read a book and discovered a mistake? Or maybe you have received a business letter with an incorrect spelling or misplaced apostrophe? If so, you will know that errors reflect badly on the author or organisation.

Everyone makes mistakes and it is always more difficult to spot your own which is why having a fresh pair of eyes look over your work can make all the difference. A professional copy editor or proofreader knows what to look out for to make sure that your final copy is polished and print ready.

You might want to employ a copy editor or proofreader when:

• It is essential that you get it right
• English is not your first language
• You lack confidence in English grammar and punctuation
• You struggle with spelling
• You are uncertain how to use apostrophes
• You want your manuscript to be the best it can be
• You care about the presentation of your work

What kinds of texts require copy editing or proofreading?

The written word is everywhere and any text that is going to be read by someone else should be checked for errors, from a simple notice in a shop window through to a full length novel.

The texts I work on include:

• Autobiography
• Non-fiction
• Fiction manuscripts
• Business documents
• Articles
• Newsletters
• Dissertations
• Brochures, leaflets and notices
• Content for websites
• Letters and emails
• Adverts

Examples of just some of the publications I have worked on as a proofreader include Auto Service and Repair (ASR), Plumbing and Heating Engineer (P&HE), The Chartered Secretary Handbook, VetPerspective magazine, Freelancing Matters, Step Ahead, Dales Life and Technic: The Journal of Operating Department Practice.

Each job is unique and has different requirements. No job is too big or too small and I will be happy to quote you a price for a just few lines or for a manuscript in excess of 100,000 words.