Kim Kimber BA (Hons)


Words are everywhere. Words are in books, on websites and in newspapers. They are on packaging, posters and flyers. We use words to express our emotions and to impart information. We use them to give our opinions, to motivate, persuade and entice. We cannot survive in the modern world without words.

The written word is a powerful communication tool but engaging, error-free copy doesn’t just happen, it is written, edited and proofread. If you find any part of this process daunting, from finding the right words to get your message across to using the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, even if you simply need a fresh pair of eyes to check your work, Kim Kimber can help.

The words we use convey an image of us whether privately or in the workplace. Make sure that your words leave a lasting impression – for all the right reasons. Contact Kim.

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